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The Orleans Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV   -   

February 25-26-27, 2019



We have decreased the booth fees to an extraordinary low price for 

the Farewell to CIMTA show.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL  if  PAID IN FULL  by 4/30/2018 is $300.00 per booth.

If Paid after  5/1/2018, the price of a booth will be $350.00

These amounts include your 2018-2019 dues.  You will not have to pay separately, which makes it an even better savings for you.

Booth placement will be based on postmark date of mailed contract,

or email arrival date with phone call for credit card numbers


Each 10’x10’   booth   comes   with

1   8’ x 30” undraped table,   1 chair, and 1 table sign.

Additional Furnishings for Booths


6’ x 30” tables:_______________at $40.00 each


8’ x 30” tables:_______________at $40.00 each


Additional Chairs: ____________at $10.00 each


No on site table additions or reductions will be allowed. 




You can order floodlights without the electricity plug in. However, you cannot just order floodlights and attempt to plug in other devices in to the floodlight outlet without paying for the electricity plug.  Doing this violates our contract with CTS and puts our show in jeopardy. If you need both, please order both.


Electrical Boxes:____at $50.00 each 

Floodlights:________at $50.00 each



The Orleans Hotel Room Reservation Procedure


CIMTA cannot accept the exhibitor's contract without 2 nights of room reservations.


Minimum Stay:  2 nights        2/24/2019 - - - 2/27/2019

Sunday - Thursday -   Rate $45.00  plus resort fee $17.99
Friday - Saturday -   Rate $102.00  plus resort fee $17.99

Your credit card will hold room reservations and you will only be charged for the first night by The Orleans.

If you receive a Boyd "B Connected" GAMBLING FREE ROOM NIGHT COUPON:  You will need to provide us with the following information that is is on the Postcard you received.

Name on certificate, Certificate code number, Number of free nights




LV2019 TRADE SHOW CONTRACT PLACEMENT - Contract submissions will be prioritized by postmark date, or email arrival. Contracts paid by check will be placed after check has been cleared by bank.

CHANGES & CANCELLATION TO YOUR ROOM RESERVATIONS: Please contact CIMTA at for changes or cancellations to room reservations. Do not call the hotel to make changes or cancellations.

EXHIBITOR CANCELLATIONS: There are  no refunds  as CIMTA has contracts with the hotel and convention room.

EXHIBITING SPACE & SHOW FLOOR GUIDELINES:  All literature, product packaging, sales slips, signed or initialed items must correspond to the assigned business name.  Each transaction should have a detailed receipt with item description, price, and contact information.  Please do not sell your products at retail shows less then suggested retail as this causes channel conflict.

Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted on the trade show exhibit floor during setup, workshops or

exhibiting hours. Children 12 years and older will be permitted in the exhibiting room as one of the two associates.

The board grants the Trade Show Management the authority to enforce guidelines established by the board and to recommend additional regulations and procedures. Additional regulations and procedures are subject to board review and approval.

LIABILITY INSURANCE: Exhibitors should provide and pay their own insurance to cover personal or property loss/damage. 


INCOMING SHIPPING TO LAS VEGAS - $11.00 PER CARTON   Up to 60lbs      61lbs to 99 lbs. $15.00.  Packages will be delivered to your booth.


FREIGHT MUST ARRIVE BETWEEN:   February 12 thru February 22, 2019

Freight arriving other than the dates above are subject to a 25% surcharge.

4500 West Tropicana Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89103
Left bottom corner of box [Cell Phone Number]


The Orleans Business Center – John H. Olarte  [Next to the escalators to the right on exhibit floor] will handle outgoing freight after the show.  To utilize UPS/FedEx or a private carrier account:  Cost is UPS/FedEx shipping charges plus the Business Center handling fee. Handling Fee: Up to 60lbs $11.00       61lbs to 99 lbs. $15.00.  Just leave your return cartons at your booth and they will pick them up.




The Mardi Gras floor plan will be revised according to the number of VENDORS exhibiting.  You will be e-mailed a final floorplan with your booth number by 9/30/2018.

CIMTA will try to honor your booth selection, as close as possible to your request.

The program book will be printed the first week of December so if you register after that you will not be in the book.

Would you like to give a workshop?


The workshops have always been popular with our buyers and are great for stimulating sales.

Workshops will be held on Monday February 25, 2019.  TIME SLOTS AVAILABLE ARE 10AM, 12PM, 2PM, 4PM.

Submitting Your Work for Promo Material


We want to feature your products and workshops on the new website as well as on Facebook, etc..  This will not only showcase your fine work but also allow buyers to get a taste of what our exhibitors have been working on during the year.   If you are interested in having your work on the website or sent out along with our promotional material to buyers, please email your photos in jpeg format to:  Bette Jo Chudy at   

The more Vendors we advertise, the more BUYERS will want to attend “FAREWELL TO CIMTA”.

Please download the 2019 contract below, fill it out and MAIL CONTRACT TO: 



6189 72nd Avenue, Hudsonville, Mich. 49426


Or email to and call your credit card number in to headquarters.

CIMTA Headquarters – Trade Show Management:  Maxine Dreyer

Office Hours: Mon - Thursday – 10:00am to 8:00pm EST

Phone: 702-997-2077 or 616-481-0229


To download the 2019 EXHIBITORS CONTRACT

please click the PDF Box

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