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As set by the Board of Directors –March 16, 2017 


Section 1: Who can sell

The opportunity to display and to sell at trade shows sponsored by Cottage Industries Trade Association Inc. is limited to regular members as defined by the CIMTA Inc. bylaws and those who otherwise comply with trade show guidelines established by the Board of Directors of CIMTA, Inc.


CIMTA Inc. bylaws define regular membership in the organization as open to individuals who handcraft miniatures to wholesale within the trade. CIMTA Inc. membership and trade show participation must reflect a consistent and cohesive business entity.


Members who participate in CIMTA Inc. Trade Shows must conform to show guidelines and regulations adopted by the board of directors as show policy. The board grants the trade show chairman the authority to enforce guidelines established by the board and to recommend additional regulations and procedures needed to implement board guidelines. Such additional regulations and procedures are subject to board review and approval.


As indicated by the name of the organization, CIMTA Inc. trade shows are intended as a wholesale opportunity for handcrafting individuals whose business may be considered a “Cottage Industry”. As per normal usage in the miniature industry, the term “cottage industry” refers to a small business, operated by an individual or group of individuals working at home or in a similarly sized facility, which produces handcrafted products. The board reserves the right to review any case and decide whether it is reasonable to consider a business a “cottage industry” within the context of the Miniature Industry as a whole.


Section 2: What can be sold

Only items within the CIMTA Inc. definition of “handcrafted” may be displayed and sold at CIMTA Inc. shows.


"Definition of “Handcrafted”

For the purpose of CIMTA Inc. show participation, the term “handcrafted” is used as it is commonly used and understood by buyers within the miniature industry. Handcrafted items are seen as produced with the direct and the continuous participation of the CIMTA Inc. member in the production of the items.


“Handcrafted” is not the same as “made by hand” or “handmade”. Handcrafted items usually require significant handwork; however, being “made by hand” or “hand made” is not the criterion, which establishes whether a business product qualifies it for CIMTA Inc. membership.


When CIMTA Inc. refers to “handcrafted” we are not referring strictly to the mode of production but rather to a commonly perceived attention to detail and quality by the CIMTA Inc. member. The personal attention to the product is the important difference between handcrafted items and items commonly seen within the industry as “manufactured” or “mass produced”.


The emphasis is on the concept of “crafted” as defined in the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, unabridged, 1983: Craft v. To make or manufacture (an object, objects, product) with skill and careful attention to detail.  Craft n. An art, trade or occupation, requiring special skill, especially manual skill.


The CIMTA Inc. member business must supply the artistry, talent creativity and expertise critical, essential and integral to the production and quality of their products. They must have creative control of product development; the technical expertise to produce their products and hands on experience in the production of their products. If supplied with basic materials, the CIMTA Inc. member must be able to produce their products with quality typical of their items as offered for sale at CIMTA Inc.


Section 3: Show floor and exhibit space regulations

Exhibit and selling spaces at CIMTA Inc. Trade Shows are assigned to member businesses with the understanding that only those products hand crafted by that business may be displayed at each table. All literature, product packaging, sales slips, signed or initialed items, must correspond to the assigned business name.


Items sold at CIMTA Inc. as handcrafted by a given member business must be solely available throughout the industry as attributed to the same business name and/or attributed to the same craftsperson.


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The business name and/or display cannot directly promote, endorse, or imply business activities or products not related to the handcrafted miniatures displayed at CIMTA Inc. the business name and/or display cannot conflict with the image, integrity, or intent of CIMTA Inc. as an association for the cottage handcrafter of miniatures.


The “handcrafting of miniatures for sale within the miniature industry “ must be a significant part of the total business activity under the given business name. Selling at a CIMTA Inc. show should be a part of a reasonable pattern of business practices aimed at wholesale sales of handcrafted miniatures. The presentation at CIMTA Inc. of handcrafted miniatures may not be a trivial or incidental activity organized to promote some purpose other than the promotion of sales of handcrafted miniatures.

Example 1: a situation where a “handcrafted business” is created or pretended just for the CIMTA Inc. show. Example 2: An extreme case where no reasonable attempt is made to present a viable business entity; such as little or no product, literature, or normal business activity. CIMTA Inc. is opened to the smallest handcrafter, with the most limited product line, as long as the business activity can be seen as real and striving to meet minimal “business like” standards of CIMTA Inc.


Section 4: Industry Room

All Industry exhibitors may sell products and deliver products onsite. Merchandise can be bagged / boxed from your display area.


Section 5: Compliance

Whereas CIMTA Inc. is a volunteer run organization; the primary responsibility for understanding and conforming to CIMTA Inc. guidelines rests with the member or prospective member. Guidelines will be provided with all applications for membership. Guidelines will be incorporated by reference with all show contracts. By signing an application or contract, members or persons applying for membership attest and affirm that they understand and accept the guidelines that their business conforms to the guidelines and will continue to conform to the guidelines as they pertain to CIMTA Inc. related activity. A board designated review committee assures compliance with trade show regulations.


Any member may raise questions or complaints relating to show regulations. The first step should be an informal inquiry to a board member for information and/or clarification. A formal written complaint will result in the question being placed before the entire board for action.


Section 6: Participant’s Agreement

It is understood that the table rent for the show includes table, sign, security, and badges. I attest that the work I present for sale at the CIMTA Inc. Trade Show is handcrafted miniatures and comply with membership requirements set forth in the information sheet and the policy and guidelines regarding membership and show participation. I have read and will conform to the CIMTA Inc. policy and guidelines regarding membership and show participation. I am aware that any merchandise found not in accordance with the bylaws and information sheet will be removed from my table and I may lose the opportunity to sell at future CIMTA Inc. shows. I will provide and pay for my own insurance on person and property if desired. I will also accept full liability for any loss of merchandise due to shoplifting or other accidental happening. If the show is canceled, I will not hold CIMTA Inc. or the hotel liable. I release the members of the CIMTA board and their assistants from any and all liability for any and all injury or loss to me or my property, employees or agents at any time, from any cause while working on my behalf for this trade show. No one under the age of 12 shall be permitted on the trade show floor during exhibit hours, workshops or seminars.  Show helpers can not be a retailer or retailers attending the current trade show and registered as buyers.

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