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The CIMTA Difference

     CIMTA is a member supported organization funded by dues and income from the annual trade show.  After paying the expenses incurred by the trade show, money is not taken out as an owner's draw but rather put towards the next show.  This structure helps control what we need to charge as booth fees and dues. 

     Our membership consists of EXHIBITORS and BUYERS who can become SUPPORTING MEMBERS.  We take supporting member feedback very seriously. While we can't make everyone happy, we definitely honor majority rules.  Our board is representative of CIMTA stakeholders (shops, exhibitors that wholesale). These unpaid volunteers have a vested interest not only in CIMTA but in the miniature community as a whole.


CIMTA Trade Show Benefits

  • Free Parking No daily parking fees for exhibitors or buyers.

  • Accommodations are a great value. Adding room rates, resort fees (includes Internet in your room and common areas but not the convention space), and taxes, the Orleans is much more affordable for exhibitors and buyers. With over 1,886 rooms, we have plenty of room to grow. There is little worry of being sold out to not only exhibitors but buyers.

  • Customer Base---We are the only exclusively wholesale trade show on the western half of the US giving access to buyers and dealers on the West Coast.

  • Open Exhibitor Application--- Miniatures shouldn't be pretentious, they should be fun!  When a new exhibitor submits an application we look for relevancy. We won't ask you to wait around to be "invited" or have your work judged by some jury.  We allow our buyers to fulfill that role. This doesn't mean we don't attract high quality work. 

  • Supporting Members that own shops get access to CIMTA exclusives before the general public.  We love our shops and want to make sure they get access to unique new items before the general public.

  • Ground transportation from McCarran National Airport to The Orleans is approximately $16 to $21 with Uber.  Uber is ready when you are ready.  Taxis and shuttles are other affordable choices.

  • Selling Space is a Great Value--- You can get a 10'x10' space with one 8'x30" tables for $350.00 in 2019.  Even when you add on electricity or extra tables, CIMTA is still economical.

  • Lunch at Show---You need to make the most out of your time at the show.  We get it.  Buyers and sellers get a full lunch each of the days the showroom is open,  so they can concentrate on buying and selling.


  • Help is Available if you need it--- Exhibiting is a lot of work, how about a little help?  Get assistance with transporting your items to your exhibitor space. For only $10 have a bellman deliver your product directly to your space.  Give your back a break!  Tipping is not required but customary.  If you utilize the affordable inbound shipping at the Business Center,  packages will be delivered directly to your booth.  Traveling alone and need relief?  Please let trade show management know so we can help.

  • Shuttle to the Las Vegas strip---Included with your resort fee is the shuttle that will take you to the strip so you can explore the attractions, take in a show or shop.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, it might look like it's "not that far", but it is!

  • On Site Dining---You don't have to leave the hotel if you don't want to.


Why Las Vegas?

Here are 10 good reasons:

With more than 150,000 rooms, Las Vegas offers the best value proposition in the world.


Las Vegas boasts the best convention experience in the world. With more than 233,000 tourism employees, resorts have more than 22,000 meeting conventions and incentive programs annually.


The attractiveness of Las Vegas generates strong attendance of meetings. Attendance increases 8 percent when conventions rotate into Las Vegas. Research has also shown that attendees spend more time in meetings and the trade show floor when programs are held in Las Vegas.


There is plenty of room to grow. Las Vegas is home to more than 11 million square feet of exhibitor and meeting space. It is also home to 3 of the largest convention venues.


With more than 900 inbound and outbound flights per day and nonstop service from more than 130 U.S. and international cities, Las Vegas is efficient and cost effect.


McCarran International Airport is only 2 miles from the Las Vegas Blvd. More than 150,000 hotels are accessible within a 15 minute drive.


Las Vegas has year-round appeal. Las Vegas averages 320 days of sunshine per year and less than five inches of precipitation annually. This warm and dry climate is attractive for group events throughout the year.


In many cases you don’t need to leave your resort. Should you want to, there is a myriad of transportation options. There are buses, taxes, shuttles, and the country’s first automated monorail.


There is a huge variety of dining options. Whether you are looking for buffets or fine dining you will not be disappointed. Enjoy cuisine from the restaurants of Gordon Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck, Giada De Laurentiis, Emeril Lagasse, Scott Conant, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Cake Boss’ Buddy V, Tom Colicchio, and Guy Fieri.


Las Vegas remains the King of Conventions. For 21 consecutive years, Las Vegas remains North America’s Top Convention Destination.

Convention attendees sneak away from conventions

Attendees spend more time on the show floor. Attendees average 11 hours vs. 8.4 hours in other cities.

Las Vegas conventions do not attract “serious” attendees.

Many Las Vegas attendees have the final say for major purchasing decisions. 44% attendees are empowered to make major purchasing decisions for some of the largest companies in the world.

Source: The Top 10 Reasons to Meet in Vegas. (n.d.). Retrieved March 30, 2016, from

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